Deployment for Sage Intacct Construction

Exclusively from Bangert, Inc.

Bangert Deployment was made for companies who want to go-live with Sage Intacct Construction at their own pace while having support from Bangert along the way.


Bangert Deployment consists of 16 core classes and 4 optional payroll classes.


Each class will also require homework. This will be the time where you put into practice what you learned in class.

Checks and Balances

After your class and homework are both complete, it will be time to schedule a meeting with our team to review your progress before you move on.

Go at Your Own Pace

You are free to go at your own pace or reference the sample schedule below.

Sample Schedule

Week 1:
System Setup

Monday Morning
1. Deployment Launch

Wednesday Afternoon
2. System Configuration

Week 2:

Tuesday Morning
3. General Ledger

Thursday Afternoon
4. Cash Management

Week 3:

Wednesday Morning
5. Accounts Payable

Friday Afternoon
6. Accounts Receivable

Week 4:
Accounting + Construction

Thursday Morning
7. Purchasing & Order Entry

Thursday Afternoon
8. Construction + Projects

Week 5:

Friday Morning
9. Project Contracts

Friday Afternoon
10. Owner Change Management

Week 6:

Monday Morning
11. Commitments

Wednesday Afternoon
12. Commitment Change Orders

Week 7:
Billing and Reports

Tuesday Morning
13. Progress Billing*

Tuesday Afternoon
14. T&M Billing*

Wednesday Morning
15. Base Financial Reports

Week 10:
Prep for Go-Live

Wednesday Afternoon
16. Prepare for Go-Live

*Complete Progress Billing or T&M Billing for Week 7.