Deployment Classes for Sage Intacct Construction

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System Administration and Accounting

1. Deployment Launch & Dimensions

Review the Deployment Structure and Agenda. This course will ensure that you have all the resources you need for Deployment.

2. System Configuration

Configure your Sage Intacct Construction system by creating users, user groups, adjusting permission types, and multi-entity settings.

3. General Ledger

Create and import your general ledger, set up your journals, and learn about the different types of Reports in Sage Intacct Construction.

4. Cash Management

Set up your company’s checking and savings accounts, credit and debit card accounts, bank reconciliation, and more so that your cash management module is ready to go.

5. Accounts Payable

Enter your vendors, learn how to create accounts payable transactions, the AP bill approval process, and how to pay bills in Sage Intacct Construction.

6. Accounts Receivable

Learn how to enter accounts receivable invoices, recurring invoices, edit payments, and deposit undeposited funds in the Accounts Receivable Module.

7. Purchasing & Order Entry

Configure your purchasing settings, purchasing workflows, approval types, as well as order entry settings.


8. Construction + Projects

Enable project billing, timesheet settings, project setup, as well as project estimate setup.

9. Project Contracts

Create user-defined journals, enable accounts receivable retainage, set up project contracts and workflow, and more.

10. Owner Change Management

Gain an overview of Sage Intacct Construction’s change management workflow, configure project change management settings, and learn how to create change requests.

11. Commitments & Commitment Change Orders

Learn how to set up workflows for commitment changes, create change orders based on original commitment, and change orders from a transaction definition in Sage Intacct Construction. This course will also review commitment, job reporting, and how to create separate workflows for purchase orders and subcontractors. 

12. Billing

Review configurations, time & material workflow, create billable transactions, billing rates, and generate time & material invoices in Sage Intacct Construction. This course will also demonstrate when to use project contracts, create two order entry transaction definitions (order & invoice), progress billing, and more.


P1: Payroll – System & User Configuration

Configure PTO types, hour types, tenants, and expense types for GL accounts.

P2: Payroll – Taxes, Pay Modifiers & GL Mapping

Setup your payroll tax by downloading federal and state import files as well as system pay modifiers.

P3: Payroll – Employee Setup, Compensation Tables, Trades/Unions

Create default trade & level combinations, pay rate tables, union setup, and employee payroll master setup.

P4: Payroll – Timecard, Check Processing & Reporting

Process payroll, print checks, enter timecards, payroll reporting, and payroll workflow.

Reports and Dashboards

13. Base Financial Reports

By using dimensions, learn how the data of the general ledger can be set up to give you exactly the information you need when you need it.


14. Prepare for Go-Live

Finalize the legacy system, clear test transactions, review import templates, import GL balances, open AR, and more before customer sign-off.

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