Deployment Classes

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Sage Intacct Construction

Milestone 1:
Data Import

0 - The Bangert Way

In this first course, we will discuss your Deployment roadmap (how you’ll get from start to finish), the essentials and basics of Deployment, along with best practices for planning and managing your Deployment.

📖 1H:02M

1 - Getting Started with Sage Intacct

Prepare for a seamless Deployment by ensuring you have all the resources you need. We will review the Deployment Structure and walk you through Master File Templates and how to clean up your books prior to Deployment.

📖 12H:45M

Milestone 2:
Core Accounting

2 - Company, Entity, and User Configuration

Dive deep into configuring company settings, users, and entities. Optimize your system for maximum productivity by assigning roles and permissions to your company users.

📖 7H:47M

3 - Core Accounting Configuration

Establish a solid foundation for financial management by configuring your core accounting modules: General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. This course will prepare you for setting up vendors, bank accounts, GL accounts, and much more.

📖 11H:15M

4 - Transaction Definitions & Documents Configuration

Get ready to revolutionize your document management processes. This course will guide you through printed document templates and setting up different approval workflows for each transaction definition.

📖 5H:30M

Milestone 3:

5 - Projects Configuration

This course will equip you with key steps for configuring Projects in Sage Intacct. With a focus on setting up expense tracking, cost codes, and cost types, this comprehensive course will provide the knowledge needed to optimize project management.

📖 4H:35M

6 - Projects Workflow

Master the intricacies of project workflow. This Deployment course will show how to set up crucial initial data for a project, including project estimates, purchase orders, and subcontracts. Additionally, if you are not using Construction Payroll, you will learn how to enter employee timecards and expenses.

📖 3H:20M

7 - Project Contracts & Billing

Become proficient in project contracts and the billing process in Sage Intacct Construction. This Deployment course will get you started on creating and managing contracts for Time & Material billing, fixed prices, and how to release retainage. Gain full control over project finances as you create markup tables tailored specifically to Time & Material contracts.

📖 5H:40M

Milestone P:

*Only necessary if you have Sage Intacct Payroll.

P1 - Payroll System & User Configuration

Optimize your payroll system by configuring it in this course. You’ll gain insights into efficient employee configuration for any type of user within Sage Intacct Construction.

📖 2H:20M

P2 - Payroll Taxes & Pay Modifiers

Fine-tune employee pay components with precision. This course will cover the essentials of setting up payroll taxes, pay modifiers, and journal entry mapping while ensuring proper compliance and accurate tax calculations.

📖 3H:45M

P3 & P4 - Payroll Employees, Jobs, Tables, Timecards, Checks, and Reports

Set the stage for seamless payroll operations by learning how to master timecards, checks, and much more. This course will show you how to create default trade, level combinations and pay rate tables for a variety of scenarios.

📖 7H:45M

Milestone 4:
Workflow Training & Testing

W1: Workflow Training & Testing

Get ready to master workflow testing in Sage Intacct, ensuring your system is fully configured for success. Gain the skills needed to effectively test your workflow in key modules such as AR, AP, Purchasing, GL, and Cash Management. This course is designed to validate your configuration and ensure your workflows are properly setup.

📖 13H:15M

Milestone 5:

W2: Go-Live

In this course, we will walk through the necessary components of Go-Live and provide all of the resources you will need to prepare for – and properly – Go-Live on Sage Intacct.

📖 8H:0M

Sage Construction Management

Milestone 1:
Bangert Way for Deployment + Prerequisites

1 - Getting Started with Sage Construction Management

In this course, we’ll cover essential topics such as feature settings, integration with Sage Intacct Construction for seamless data synchronization, and the crucial link between Sage CM and your accounting system. You’ll also learn about the prerequisites for successful integration, ensuring a smooth transition.


Milestone 2:
Managing Contacts, Preconstruction Activities, and Documents

2 - Contact Management

Dive deep into the management of companies and their related contacts, including importing company data or syncing companies and contacts with your ERP system.


3 - Preconstruction: Leads & Cost Database

Navigate the ins and outs of lead management, from initial setup to advanced functions, including lead addition, status changes, and archiving.


4 - Preconstruction: Invitation to Bid & Estimates

This course will guide you through the process of preparing and sending Invitations to Bid (ITB), creating accurate estimates, mastering cost code categorization, and understanding bid analysis in Sage CM.


5 - Projects & Document Control

Learn to seamlessly add and archive projects, utilize the Project Library, master correspondence management, and configure documentation settings for optimal efficiency.


Milestone 3:

6 - Financials

In this course, we’ll review the process of creating prime contracts, schedule of values, and related project cost budget, subcontract change orders, and more. We’ll also delve into the functionality of the Batch Posting Wizard to synchronize your data between Sage CM and Sage Intacct Construction.


7 - Reporting, Time & Expenses, and Equipment

Throughout this course, you’ll learn to run forms and analytical reports, configure feature settings for time and expense management, and gain insights into labor and equipment timecards. Master miscellaneous expenses, clock in/out features, and crew timecard management.


Optional Course: Additional Features


Learn the streamlined process of utilizing DocuSign/eSign for Sage Construction Management to easily obtain signatures for your subcontracts.


Learn to create, manage, and visualize schedules using the Gantt chart, whether manually or through importing from Excel or Microsoft Project, and much more in this comprehensive Scheduling in Sage CM Course.

Mobile App Management

Explore the power of Sage CM’s mobile app with our optional course offering. Gain a comprehensive walkthrough of this indispensable tool, designed to enhance productivity and streamline project management on the go.